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Related post: Date: Wed, 03 Mar 2004 21:59:21 -0500 From: Sammie G Subject: Rain On Me, Chapter 7Disclaimer: This is a FICTIONAL story describing the love triangle of a teenage boy. If you are not over 18 years of age, loli magazines or if you find this type of story offensive, or viewing this material is illegal where you are, then refrain from reading it. The story consists of lust, bikini supermodel pics incest, passion, teenage romance, interracial, love and all the rest of the good stuff in that order... Prepare to be rained on.Feel free to send email or comments about the story to Sum1pleZzCall911hotmail.com - Definition of Rain \ r-an\ v 2: To bestow littl teenie loli abundantlyRAIN ON ME CHAPTER SEVEN~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "You love Robbie?" "Yeah." I didn't know why he seemed so surprised by it. I wanted to tell him that I never told Robbie that but then again I just stopped. It didn't seem like his business. I just looked at his expression. It looked more confused then angry or sad. He paused for a while when we were full of awkwardness. "Dis` is really getting on my nerves, yo," he told me and slammed his heavy fist against his bedpost. "I know but..." I was confused. I didn't know what to tell him. I started to think of my words carefully. I tried not to mention love and Robbie in the same sentence again. I could tell he was irritated. He had the same look in his eyes that Robbie had the night that I ended up with Eric. He asked me slowly, "You changed me, Damien. I never had been with another guy. I never even dreamed big loli of kissing or flirting with another guy. no nude lolite Now you have me falling in love with you. I thought teen brasilian models I changed you too. I thought we had something here. You been fucking him?" "Not lately." "Then when?" "A while ago?" "How did you fuck him? I mean did you let him fuck you?" I got up immediately and pushing him hard against his shoulder making him stagger back onto the bed a little, "No! What is this some kind of interrogation?" He pulled me down again, this time gently as though he had calmed down. I fell to the bed, still mad but submitting to his sexy eyes and warm skin. We wrapped ourselves together into the bed gently, resolving our problems without any words or anger. His hands were rubbing my back, trying to arouse me. I was nervous (since his parents were downstairs and all) so I hardly did anything. I didn't tell him to stop when he leaned into me and kissed me in my mouth. His tongue was different from Robbie's. Robbie was an aggressive kisser, who tried to get as much sensation out of the kiss as possible. Eric was a slow kisser, making the moment more awkward but in some ways more romantic. I could tell how much he wanted to touch every part of my body but he was too shy to do it. His hands kept slowly touching my stomach and going lower, but as soon as it hit my belt, he stopped, looked into my eyes and didn't proceed. I guess he thought that I didn't want him to. I did want him to but didn't know how to tell him it was okay. "Can I take off your shirt?" he asked me considerately. I nodded and helped him as he started to pull my shirt over my free child lolit head. He stared down at my abs and then at my nipples. He didn't touch me for a while and seemed to be a little hesitant. I knew he was happy with my new six packs, because I really didn't have it as developed the last time bald fetish model I saw him. I reached up to help him take off his shirt but he quickly pulled back. "What's wrong?" I asked him. He hugged his shirt and slowly started to pull away, "Maybe we should wait, I mean my body's all sore from the fight still and I'm probably gonna start to swell up." "Then why did you start?" He shook his head, "I didn't know you started working out. You're starting to look a lot like Robbie and his friends now. I mean you look better than all of them combined without lingerie hot model having their body." "What are dolly supermodel you talking about?" I laughed, but the look in his eyes showed that he was serious, "Are you mad `cause I been working out? I mean Eric, you have rate nude model a beautiful body too." "Not really." I looked at him sideways and saw what the problem was. I saw what the problem had always been with Eric. It was pubescent females models the reason that he fought Robbie, it was the reason that he was upset with me improving my body. Eric had always had a better body than me, but now it seemed like he was upset because my six-pack was probably naked little lolitta tighter than his was. He had insecurities. He was probably mad at his height and thought that his boyish looks might not be as attractive to me as Robbie. Eric was wrong, he really cp tgp loli young was! His face alone was priceless and he had a sexiness about him that wasn't forced like Robbie. His skin was like caramel russia video loli and his lips were red like cherries. I wish he saw what I saw or what everybody else saw. Still his insecurities had made him humble, which attracted me the most. "Eric, I'm not trying to look like free lolit porno Robbie," I told him, saying the first thing that came to my mind, "I did it for you. I wanted you to be happy with me. I mean if your not happy with it...I could lose the abs." "No, no," he said and came up to me; "I'm being selfish. Keep `em." He came up to me and started to kiss me again, but this time I started to kiss him back. I started to unbutton his shorts and pulled them down. He had some boxers on that weren't really doing their job at holding him. They were real loose teen modeling swimsuit and hardly holding his dick. His nuts were sticking out from the side and his dick wasn't far behind. Soon his boxers started to fall from the top and it stopped just to grab bikini model english onto the budge of his ass and his dick. I grabbed his ass that seemed a little bigger since the last time I under age loli porn came by it. It wasn't flabby like mine, but firm like he was doing some stupid ass workout. It lolite jepg felt good thought. It felt different. lolits art His ass cheeks began to squeeze at my hand as I ran my middle finger and index finger through the crack. "Yeahhhhhh boy! That feels good!" he wailed, "You're the only one who could make me feel like cumming with just one touch!" "SHhhh..." I sports models nude pointed to the door as voices started to speak outside the door. I didn't want anyone to hear him. He started to reach down, probably to kiss my nipples but I pulled him back up saying, "Its my turn." He nodded obediently and leaned back as I teen hentai loli bent forward. His nipples were a bright brown, but darker than the rest of his body. I let my lips rest on his chest and started to suck on each nipple. "Ughhhh. Suck my nipple! Touch me more. I want your hands on me," he told me, guiding my hand to his dick. That was the most aggressive that I saw him for a long time. He held my fingers on his dick first and then led my fingers through his pubic bush then down to his nut sack. His dick area had an aroma that was almost like strong mature porn model cologne that wasn't bitter but didn't define sweet. I couldn't help it anymore. I needed to be closer to the scent. I bent down and started to suck his penis. I could feel it twitch in my mouth from surprise. At first it was only semi-hard but as soon as I young adolesent models felt it in my mouth, he started to get full hard. underage girls loli His dick started to grow to its full extent in my mouth until it ended up in the back of my throat. My saliva showered his penis as though it had just tasted a Wendy's hamburger. My tongue was afraid to touch it at first, because I little model xxx had never suck dick before, but then I found myself licking his dick openly. I knew it was different from others. I had big lips (I always had). Somehow I was able to grip onto the dick better, give the dick more friction without hurting it by pressing down. Eric was going crazy now. He started to moan loudly, panting and for a moment I thought he was dying. "Oh shit!!!!!!! You're fucking amazing! Your lips are killing me! I can't keep it! Ughhhhhhhh!! Oh I'm going to cum!" He told me but he spoke too late. I could hear footsteps running up the stairs and I knew that we were going to get caught. But there was nothing I could do. I tried to little kacy model pull back but I knew I wouldn't have time to get off the floor. In that one second I figured that I was just going to act like I was looking for something on the floor loli girl cartoon and that was why I was on my knees. I would have said that Eric was changing his clothes and that was why he was naked. There would have been at least a fight chance but I didn't see Eric beginning to orgasm. I knew he didn't mean to but the orgasm sped out of his dick. It went on the side loli babes of my face as I saw his bedroom opened... "Oh my god!" I staggered to my feet trying to catch my jenna model balance. model top50 rika Eric's whole family was at the door watching as Eric (too into the orgasm to really notice what was happening) continued to jack his dick while at the same time trying to wipe of the nut that he left on the side of my face. I squirmed a little, then took a deep breath and came back to myself. I looked at Eric bikini model pix and saw his face topless little models when he saw his loli boards mother, his anime young loli girls father, his brothers and even his grandmother standing at the door. His dick was still hard when he shoved it back into his boxers and pulled his pants up. His family stood at the door struck with grief. It was probably just for a couple of seconds but it seemed so long as their expressions of shock stood carved in their faces. His brother was the first to speak, "Eric you're a faggot?" "Please, let me explain," Eric started to say, but it was too late. teen nudist models His father as well as two of his brothers had already lunged at me. His mother and his grandmother had begun to scream. His mother seemed to speak Italian and spoke it thoroughly. She was crying and sobbing into her hands as though her son had just died. His father swung at me, hitting me in my eye. I landed on the bed and struggled to get back up. His two brothers pinned me to the wall as their father continued to hammer into my stomach helped me. I didn't know the old man was so strong. He didn't hold back with his punches due to my age. He was hitting me hard, trying to kill me almost. His mother had managed to spit at me from across the room. There was so much noise. Neighbors had started to show up at the door and try to stop the old young porn models man from killing vintage loli me. I was just about to vomit my lunch when I saw Eric jump into the fight. He had a look in his eyes that I never saw before. He pulled his father back and hit his father in his face. His mother gasped heavily. At that moment, they didn't seem too bent on destroying me any longer. His brother let me go and I staggered off unintentionally ending up by Eric's lolitta model side. "You take this faggot over your own blood?" His father asked with a bitter look on his face. "I care about him, Pop, I was gonna tell you," Eric explained, "I didn't want you to find out about it like this. I didn't want you to feel bad. I really care about Damien. I love him." His brothers, who were so close to him started to look at him in disgust. I didn't know how Eric was taking it. His family and friends were all there. His whole life was there as he confessed himself to them. He told them about me. He was crying now. His eyes were venessa model latina watery bea teen model and he was panting hard. I knew that he was having an emotional breakdown. I wanted to tell him to kiddy model pics calm down but underwater models my stomach hurt too much from all the blows that I took just that moment. "I never raised no faggot!" his father called out again. "I'm not...I mean, ning japan model I care about Damien, but that doesn't nigerian nude models make me any less of your son," Eric told him, "I'm still me." I saw his grandmother jump forward at that moment. She was so old that she could hardly walk on her hand. She had a glass of orange juice in her hand and she just splashed it on Eric, quickly, catching him off guard. He fell off to the side but then came back and stood tall. I couldn't see how he did it. He used to tell me about how he had such a good relationship with his grandmother. He said that nothing could change that. Now he stood here being scorned by all of them, except his mother. She seemed more sad than angry. She was crying uncontrollably and another one of her son's had to embrace her in a hug. She could barely look at him. I tried to stand by Eric as best as I could, but still I managed to fade into the background being only the boy who had turned Eric. It wasn't younest naked models love to them, but it was only sin. "I tried to raise you right, Eric?" his father told him, "Where did I go wrong? Where did you see that it was right to fuck your fellow man in the room and pre models put your sperm all over his face! It's fucking disgusting, that's what the hell it is. I hope you catch some kind of disease too! I hope you get AIDS and turn over dead." "Stop it, please!" Eric's mother said finally. She was still crying and she spoke weakly as though trying to defend the old son that she had know, but not caring too much what happened to the son that was right in front of her. Eric didn't speak now. He had somehow given up hope with his father. He was crying openly, even in front of me. His face was squirming up like he couldn't control what was going on in him. I couldn't see how his family couldn't comfort him in see him in such a position. "I want you out of my house!" His father told him angrily, "I can't stand to look at you. If you want to sex up your 'husband' then you'll have nothing to do with this family. From this day forward you are dead to me!" A couple of underage lolits photos people had started to interject. Eric's younger brother started to say something but was taken back by an older adult that was probably Eric's uncle. Eric had fallen to the floor but his father started to throw his clothes at Eric. Eric's brothers were soon directed lolicon pregnant to start packing all of Eric's clothes in garbage bags while girls tights models Eric watched. I stood in the middle of the room, uncomfortable and feelings like all the fur coat models eyes were on me. 2001 playboy models More people were looking at me than at Eric. They were blaming me. I wanted to hug Eric and comfort him, but I couldn't. I couldn't because I didn't want ukraine porn models them to see us keity pornomodel intimate anymore. I tried to just wish the day away. It was such a terrible day free virgins lolit and as I thought, it was just starting to rain outside... They didn't even have respect enough to hand Eric the bag. They probably thought they would catch a disease by touching him. They dropped the bags to his feet and went back against the wall pretty models nude to stare at us, judging us. "Get the hell out!" His father said, "I don't care where you go, just don't come back. Call the cops! Tell them I kicked you out. I don't care. They can come pick up your papers. I don't ever want to see you again." "Mom, please I don't have anywhere to go!" Eric said, pleading with his mother. His mother looked away, crying into the shoulder of her other son...the straight one. I picked up the majority of Eric's bags and started to walk out the door. I knew he wouldn't be able to carry too many bags in the condition that he was in. I was crying by now too, only to see Eric in that kind upskirts innocent models of position. I had been so foolish, telling Eric that he was wrong for fighting Robbie instead of supporting him. I was wrong to even approach loli cartoons preteen sex Eric and make him fall in love with me for my own selfish needs. Still, now Eric was hooked and so was I. Eric came following right behind me after I left, probably knowing that the discomfort was strong. I heard the words that were coming out of the teen lingeriemodel lips of some of the people as I left. Some words were to me and some were to Eric. Most were to me though. nudist models They called me a devil and other words that were surprising to me. I never felt so much hate from people that I didn't even know. We walked, walking out into the street together. We didn't have a destination but we were still running, running away from the house and Eric's life...forever. We walked close, so close that let him lean on my shoulder. I felt in love with him even more now. I had seen his sensitive side lingerie models wanted and all this time I was sure that he would never show me it. I wanted to make love to him again as we walked, but I knew that he was at a point where he was thinking about nothing but model young porno his family. Still I wanted to show him some sort of love and security. I could only do this by leading him. I led him towards my house. We walked through the big red park, where the asphalt was sparkling with rain. "Where are we going?" supertopmodel I didn't answer, partly because I didn't make out his question till it was too late to answer and then because I didn't know how he would react if he knew that I was taking tall nude model him to my house. Eric held my hand, suddenly, models junior tgp as we started to walk. At first, I thought about pulling away but then I decided to remain with him. I knew that it wasn't a time to tease lolicon manga tgp him. I knew that he really needed me. We went down the part way and arrived outside of my house. I guess by now he figured out what was going on. 3d lollita lolicon hentai He tried to tell me that he could find tinymodel sunshine somewhere else to stay and tried to show modesty in saying that he might be too much of a bother. I didn't answer again. There was something about the rain that took me away from the world, where I could only hear certain parts of his words. We went up to the door and I knocked on it. There was no answer at first and that showed that everybody was home and hoping that someone else would open the door. Suddenly it was Dina and immediately she scorned at me, "Where have you been! Your father has been worried. Hold on! Who's your friend?" At that time my father came to the door and so did Robbie. They were probably worried about where I was. Robbie caught a glimpse of Eric, probably before he even saw me. "Eric, what are you doing with him?" Robbie asked immediately. I had never seen him so serious. His face was still bruised up but so was Eric's face. Robbie was breathing hard when he saw Eric, hard like he was getting angry all over again. I prayed that they would keep their cool long enough for me to talk to my father. "Robbie, I never raised you to be so rude," Dina said and sneered it off a little. young xxx modells My father who was a little suspicious of Eric as well explained it slowly, "Dina this is the boy that Robbie had that big fight with earlier." I could see Dina swell up all of a sudden and she stepped out side on the patio where Eric and I were standing, "How dare you bring this boy to this house! Don't you have any respect for us?" "Dina, calm down," my father beckoned. "No! Don't you know that your brother is going to be facing criminal charges for that fight?" my mother said, "My job doesn't insure these kind of accidents. Now you college playboy models bring the boy back to finish Robbie off." 100 girls models "He isn't my brother," I corrected her. "Nobody's going to finish me off either," Robbie said, giving a threatening glance to Eric. I could see the hate in his eyes. He looked like he was going to kill Eric. He looked like he was already about to jump on him. Dina was having a panic attack when my father finally calmed her down, "Dina philipino bikini models stop! But Dina has a point Damien, why did you bring him here so late at night?" "Dad, Eric and I are close," I told him, "His family kicked him out. He has no where to live. It was partly my fault for them kicking him out. He has no where to go. I mean, I can't boys models pics let him stay out here. I know that they got into a fight, but after all that hype that went into it, it was still 'just' a rape lolit fight. It isn't serious, but what is serious is that Eric has no where to go. I'm not here to disrespect Robbie or anything like that bram teen model but I'm not going to abandon Eric. If he stays out here then I'm going to stay out here." Dina was really going crazy now. Dina was probably representing Robbie who seemed to be really angry about the whole thing. She was storming now, putting her hands children underwear model on her head in irritation. Robbie was quiet about it, watching us like a hungry hawk perching on a tree. He didn't speak but his expression could say a thousand angry words."You are serious about this?" my father asked. "As serious as a heart attack and probably more. He means a lot to me, Dad." Robbie stretched out petite model panties his arms, "I'm not gonna stand here and watch this crap. I don't care any more. I'm going to eat something." He rubbed his bullpen telephone models eyes and went back into the house, clearly as irritated as Dina was lolitta torrents about the whole situation. He said he pre teens lolipop didn't care but I knew he did, everybody knew he did. The way he walked showed that he did. He was disappointed I knew it. I wondered if he was angry with me, but at that time my main concentration was background model sexy securing Eric. Dina was going to be a voice though. I was annoyed at her at that moment because of how she paced nonude model missy back and forth. I didn't want her to scare Eric off, but she seemed like she was doing just that. I knew that Eric was going to be silent the whole time. He was always so shy. He didn't even look up the girlmodels g whole time to see who was talking. He naked boy models just looked down to his feet. "How can you be considering this?" Dina demanded of my father and pushed her hand against his chest. He slapped her hand away defensively and gave her a sharp stare while she continued to whine, "He is going to end up fighting my son again anyway." "No," Eric promised suddenly, saying something after all this time in silence and then he added, "I won't touch your son." "Yeah right!" "He won't," I lolitta small girl assured her but turned my eyes to my father, "I promise that I'll keep them out of each other's hair. Eric has no where to go. Just give it a chance, Pops?" My father bikini child modeling finally agreed and said, "Alright. He could stay here with us as long as it takes him to get on his feet. The only condition is that he must not have any confrontation with Robbie at all. I didn't even want to see him staring at Robbie. Okay?" Eric nodded and so did I. I picked up his stuff and started to lead him into my bedroom, while Dina's tantrum had just hit its peak. My father took her on the porch and I could hear them arguing for the rest of the night. I secretly prayed that this would be the best obstacle in their relationship that would end up with them finally breaking up. Still, I knew that it probably wasn't going to be easy for Eric living with us. Even if my father caught Eric and I in the act it wouldn't bother him as much as it bothered Eric's family, but our biggest obstacle lied not in our relationship but for those who didn't want our relationship. The list of people against us got longer. At first it was just Robbie and Eric's ex-girlfriend, but now it was Eric's entire family. Eric sat in my room and then on my bed. I offered him it, but he said that he would rather sleep on the floor because it was cooler there. I knew that he was lying and he was only trying to be nice, but I would have gotten no where trying to be sweeter than Eric was. "I can't believe you did that," he told me, still with little tears in his eyes from earlier, "That was so nice to stand up against your family like that." "May I remind you that you did the same thing for me?" I told koika nude model him and laughed a little. He pulled me down to the bed and kissed me softly. "I never had a day like today before." "Yeah, it was rough. We probably wouldn't have gotten caught if you didn't moan so loud," I told him and laughed as well and hugged me close to him. He leaned over and whispered lowly in his ears, "Don't act like it was my fault. You never told me that you were so good with your lips. I had no idea that you could suck dick like that. I mean I wasn't able to stop myself." "Sorry," I teased, "I'll make sure not to do it again." He wrestled me onto the bed and pinned me with his top 12 years loli knees; "I never said that. Just next time we do it, I wanna be somewhere where I can scream. Dame! I was loud, wasn't I?" "Yeah you were." He smiled a little, nervously, "If I had lips like yours, I would suck you right now and see how you handle it. Haha, real funny right? Well I free sex young lolit did know my family would react like that. I'm so mad that they supermodels re teen didn't even care about me to consider that I really do love you." youngest model erotic I could see the tears tiny models tgp in his eyes begin to build up. From that moment on the rain that fell from the sky didn't just fall on me, but it atk models tgp fell lolits boys on Eric as well. We were both the children of the rain. We were both lovers cloaked in the covers of watery alt petite models skies. My pain was not his pain lola porno model and his pain was not mine, but it was still pain. It wasn't over, not yet. I wish it could say that this was the last chapter and everything else was happy, but it isn't over. My story had begun to approach a climax. The storm was just rolling in. "You should get some rest," I said, "Today was a big day. A day that everyone involved will always remember. Get some sleep. Sleep on the bed tonight, I'll sleep on the floor. I just have to go clear some stuff up with my father and Robbie. Don't let the rain bother you." "The rain?" he asked me. "Yeah, the rain beating on nude loli 12 the window. Don't let it bother you. Goonight." I watched as he nude kiddie models tucked himself between my sheets and went to sleep. It seemed like it was all he needed. sexychildmodels The day was bigger for him than I could imagine, but I still suspected that it was too much for him to take. He fell asleep as soon as he hit my pillow. He looked so worn out. I turned off the light and watched as he comfortably rolled himself into a ball of forgetfulness.
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